NEW! German Citizenship by Declaration

You have German ancestors? Become a German citizen under simplified conditions now!

The new § 5 StAG (German citizenship act) which came into force on August 20, 2021 brought a fundamental change in German citizenship law. Numerous people and their descendants who in the past did not acquire German citizenship by birth or who lost their German citizenship acquired by birth because of gender-discriminatory regulations can now become German citizens under simplified conditions! The acquisition by declaration is possible until August 19, 2031.

If the following applies to you, you may qualify for an acquisition by declaration:

  • You were born after May 23, 1949, the day when the German Constitution (Grundgesetz) came into force;
  • You are affected by a gender-discriminatory provision.

    This is the case if:

    ->You are the child of a German mother or father and did not acquire German citizenship from her/him
    ->You are the child of a mother who lost German citizenship before your birth through marriage to a non-German spouse
    -> You acquired German citizenship by birth, but later lost it again by legitimation because your German mother married your non-German father after your birth;

  • You have no criminal record in Germany or abroad;
  • § 4 para. 4 StAG does not apply;

What are the advantages of the new regulation?

  • You do not have to prove German language skills or ties to Germany
  • Under the German rules, you can keep your current citizenship (multiple citizenship)

We would be happy to discuss with you in an initial consultation how to proceed in your case. If you wish we can then contact the authorities on your behalf and accompany you as counsel on your way to German citizenship.

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