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The Berlin property market has been the focus of national and international investors for more than 5 years, and has enjoyed rising demand and rising prices. The financial crisis did not reverse this trend, but instead accelerated it. This trend may be expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The reasons are low prices and Berlin's future possibilities.

Berlin property prices remain very low compared to other major cities in Germany and the EU. The reasons are the need to catch up in economically after the reunification and the down swing due to unrealistic expectations directly after the fall of the wall. Berlin's economic disadvantages when compared to other German major cities (relatively high unemployment) have less impact on the rental development than in other cities, because Berlin has a lot of potential for development as the capital city and economic recovery has already begun. For this reason, but also because of its attractiveness in terms of culture, politics or science, the population is growing steadily and with it the demand for rental apartments.

Berlin is particularly attractive to investors in apartments because the vast majority of the population in Berlin rent (over 85% in 2009), which will ensure continued high demand for rental apartments.

We focus on advising domestic and foreign clients on property investments in Berlin, and we have provided some essential information for you below. We are glad to be at your disposal for further questions or a specific package. You can also find an overview of our service packages for property investors here or contact us directly via eMail.

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