Corona – First aid to protect your business

March 20, 2020

By RA Till Heinrich

The Corona preventive measures are leading to a de facto shutdown in Germany. Especially for artists, freelancers and small and medium-sized companies the consequences are threatening their existence. For decades we have been passionately representing precisely these groups – we have helped many of you to come to Germany and also now we want to support you where we can.

Our Federal Government has now announced many measures which are intended to cushion the financial consequences as best as possible. But also with your business partners you can surely find good arrangements to ensure your survival and that of your business partners. If you make good use of these offers, it will help you financially to survive these difficult times.

We would like to offer you our help and support. We have therefore put together an overview of measures, where we can help you reliably and quickly.n.

Reduction and suspension of payments to public authorities
You have the option of suspending or reducing your outstanding and still accruing tax payments (e.g. income tax, trade tax or also VAT). For this you must submit the appropriate applications to the relevant authorities. We will advise you on all the options available to you under the emergency measures of the Federal Government, take care of the necessary applications and handle correspondence with the authorities.

State-subsidised and readily available Credits
We advise you in the decision of a suitable credit and in the correspondence with your house bank or another bank. We check the credit contract and explain the terms and conditions as well as the resulting obligations.

Reduction of Employment costs/Employee rights and obligations
If the precautionary measures against Corona have reduced your business, you can at least reduce your expenses for most employees significantly by implementing „reduced hours”. This is a tool that allows you for up to 12 months to reduce work hours and accordingly salary in a flexible manner, while the employees get mostly compensated for the loss of income.

We can help you with the respective application and the changes to the employment contracts. The application and the contract changes are simple and doesn’t commit you and should not be delayed.

Your employee is infected or shows symptoms? Your employee doesn’t want to come to work or has children to take care of? There’s a lot of advice online but you need to check your contract and individual arrangements first, to know the answers in your case. We can help you with this.

If you consider it necessary or useful to terminate employment contracts in the current situation, we are also ready to help you implement that quickly.

Suspension or reduction of rental payments
If you now have problems paying your rent, we are very confident, that your landlord is willing to find an amicable solution. If you need our help we would be happy to try to negotiate a good solution for you and your landlord.

Contractual issues
If you can no longer fulfil your contractual obligations towards your partners, be it delivery bottlenecks, payment problems or other problems with your business partners, it is necessary and usually possible to find a fair and sustainable solutions.

Precautions for insolvency/Protection of Managing Directors
As managing you avoid personal liability. If you see the risk that your company will not recover and may have to apply for insolvency, we will help you to prepare and advise you how to avoid the risk of personal liability in that case.

Residence and Expat Matters
Expats in Germany and their employers have special questions in the current situation, such as if they can visit their families abroad and will be allowed back into Germany? Can they leave the Schengen area? Our team of experts for Migration is ready to answer those questions.

What can we do for you?

  • All of the funding offers from the federal and state governments have in common that they are costly to apply for and thus present major hurdles, especially for non-German-speaking entrepreneurs.
  • Take advantage of our expertise in working with foreign entrepreneurs. We will be happy to support you in finding and applying for the ideal assistance for you.

About us
vpmk Rechtsanwälte Legal Services in Berlin and Stuttgart specializes in advising international clients. With our international team we can help you in many matters and in several languages and support you.

If you are interested in our services, please do not hesitate to arrange a phone appointment or an appointment via Skype or Zoom and get advice and legal representation without leaving the comfort of your own home. vpmk Rechtsanwälte are available, our law firm’s operations are not affected by the current situation.



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