Contractual drafting of prenuptial agreements and separation agreements

In order to ensure fair a interaction with each other and competent proposals for solutions, one of our main focuses in family law is to settle the consequences of separation and divorce as amicably as possible while avoiding unnecessary litigation.

For this purpose, and in order to support an amicable divorce, we can draft or review an agreement between the spouses (or cohabitants) on the consequences of divorce. All relevant issues, such as the division of joint assets or debts, equalization of accrued gains, contact, household effects, alimony, and the marital home, can be settled here.

Even in the run-up to marriage or during the marriage, the conclusion of a marriage contract is often sensible, the contractual drafting of which we are happy to assume.

Any contractual arrangement in family law can be drafted bilingually, in German-English, for our international clients.

Due to our training as a specialist lawyer for family law, continuous advanced training, and more than two decades of experience – we are always up to date and can competently advise you on all subsequent questions of marriage, separation and divorce, as well as take over the contractual drafting, so that a consistently fair and peaceful interaction can take place and disputes between the spouses can be prevented or resolved.

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